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May 21 2018

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I hope he wins the lawsuit, a police officer was finally doing the right thing and they penalize him for not being a racist monster!

his name is stephen mader and not only did he refuse to shoot, he actively wanted to help the man (ronald ‘rj’ williams) because he could tell that he was only acting out because of mental illness. rj williams was suicidal and holding an unloaded gun and, while mader didn’t shoot him, a fellow officer (ryan kuzma) did and murdered him on the spot. here is the source and here’s to hoping rj williams gets justice

“Saying the words ‘Just shoot me’ sent up the red flag that he was just trying to harm himself and no one else … That’s what made me make my decision. He needed help”

I hate this fucking world. The guy was actually trying to do his job by actually desculating the situation the right way (desculating these days apparently just means shoot them) and was fired for “failing to eliminate a threat.”

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The MIGHTY NEIN 🌼 “EVERYONE likes flowers!” edition.





“were you born a boy or a girl”

bold of you to assume I was born at all

I personally was created in a lab

Just straight up spawned

the notes….the notes…..majestic abomination…you people, your merry destructive mayhem…this unholy mattress fire…….for fucks sake read the notes


Florence Harrison, Three Angels Bear the Holy Grail ~ Tennyson’s Guinevere and Other Poems ~


Gays can’t drive but bisexuals are speed demons I’ll run ur ass off the road honey I️ got places to be



i’m so sick of news articles that look like this 


and then you go in to look and you find it had a sample size of 40 

and then you’re like okay, what was the fantastic difference between these 40 people when sleeping with and without a dog

and the article is like

…so you get through it and you’re like you’re trying to tell me you think this is substantial in any capacity, this 40 sample size 3% difference ass bullshit??????????? you fucking shitforbrick bad at math fake ass science losers?

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that thursday feeling.

reading depressioncomix inspired me to do a little comic about my own day-to-day experience.

I’ve seen some comments on this being like “Oh he’s way too active this isn’t how severe clinical depression works!” which makes me a little sad because implying everyone’s experience of depression must be just like yours is insulting. This comic is about how depression still deeply affects me despite my attempts at a normal life but that it becomes almost mundane, you take a break to cry and scream and feel sorry for yourself but then you have to go back to doing whatever. I have almost no energy but I gotta live.

Saying you need to constantly be at your lowest and most dysfunctional in order to have Real Clinical Depression isn’t realistic. Learning to cope with this illness that will likely haunt me my whole life isn’t a bad thing.



jade is the best homestuck character and u can’t even fight me on this bc while everyone else was fucking with hammers and magic wands and canes and dice and whatever the fuck else the other kids fought with, jade pulled out a gun and shot shit. she’s the only character with a fucking brain

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did you see them? did you see the lights above? it’s time to play your part in…the adventure zone!

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St. Mary Magdalene Church, Dukla, Poland

How can you rate your pain on a scale from 0 to 10 if you don't remember what a zero feels like?


This is a legitimate problem…

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journeys with kirby

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bojack horseman 

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My favorite Mt Rainier pieces I’ve done, in the order of their creation. February 2017, April 2017, December 2017, and May 2018.

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María Cristina de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, Reina de España, Detail.

by Vicente López y Portaña, 1830


ppl are so annoying “you can’t paint ur bedroom pink you’re an adult” i did not spend my entire life waiting to grow up and control my life to paint my bedroom beige


stoic and grumpy character: [constantly refers to their significant other as ‘my love’ or ‘darling’ or any other sweet nickname]

me every time: 



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