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April 29 2017




Jesus Christ was a brown Jew in the Middle East, conceived out of wedlock in an arguably interracial if not interspecies (deity and human) relationship, raised by his mother and stepfather in place of his absent father.  He may not have had a Y chromosome.  He spent his early youth as a refugee in Egypt, where his family no doubt survived initially on handouts from the wealthy (You think they kept that gold, frankincense, and myrrh from the wise men?  Hell no, they sold that stuff for food and lodging).  He later returned with his parents to their occupied homeland and lived in poverty.

The religion of Jesus’s people has no concept of a permanent hell and instructed its priests on how to induce miscarriages.  Jesus explicitly rejected the concept of disability as a divine punishment.  He spoke out against religious hypocrites.  He had enough respect for women to let his mother choose the time of his first miracle.  He blessed a same sex couple.  He told a rich man that he must give up his wealth to get to heaven, and also told a parable about a rich man suffering in agony in presumably Gehinnom (basically Purgatory) just to hammer the point home.  He told people to pay their taxes.  He declared “love your neighbor” to be one of the two commandments on which all laws hang.  He commanded his followers to help the poor.  He commanded them to help the sick and the needy.  He spent time with social outcasts.  He healed the servant of a high priest during his arrest rather than fighting back.  He was put to death by the occupying government because he was a political radical.

Trump and his administration are xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, fear-mongering, warmongering, tax-dodging, anti-Semitic, anti-choice, anti-welfare, anti-equal pay, anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-immigration, support tax cuts for the rich, support Citizen’s United, want to keep refugees out of this country, want to limit our ability to speak against the government, plan to abolish the Affordable Care Act, and they wrap all of that up behind a banner of “Christian family values.”  If you support them, you have no right to call yourself a follower of Christ.

it’s so rare, yet so fulfilling, to see the J-man on my dash

One of my friends is literally the most religious Christian I have ever met. What does that mean in regards to her lifestyle and outlook? She loves everyone. EVERYONE. Unconditionally. And she supports healthcare and education and birth control and everything that’s necessary to have a healthy, stable society.

Because that’s what her homeboy JC would want.


“some people have it worse than you” ok thanks Becky I still have depression

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April 28 2017

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With some reserve image search sleuthing, I think the artist is Alexandra Arango (website here: http://www.alexandraarango.com/).

{side note: if posting something yourself - please take a minute and do a quick google reverse image search and give the artist credit if you can.}

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A secret message just for dogs from the Prosh newspaper.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.

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When people ask me about myself

When people ask me about my favourite things



blease be quiet


you know that villain that’s not the Main Concern Villain™ they’re like the Side Villain™ and yeah maybe they were the Main Concern Villain™ in season one but now they’re just like an inconvenience full of snark and sass and sometimes they team up with the hero to save their own ass and they make it clear to the hero that they are most definitely a villain but there’s still that one time only where they save the hero’s life because they want to settle a debt or maybe because part of them cares just a little bit?

yeah i love that villain

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Just guys bein dudes

“friendship kiss” 

so that’s what we’re calling it now

just Allies bein pAllies

Someone who doesn’t watch baseball please explain this picture



Simple. It’s naptime.






“van gogh ate yellow paint because-” he was suicidal, karen

“If Van Goah had antidepressants, we wouldn’t have his artwo-” We’d have a lot more of his work, Karen, and who the fuck cares about what we get from him  he deserved to be well, karen. 


Friendly reminder that we have first hand accounts from Van Gogh saying his art suffered when he was depressed, and that the time he spent in a mental hospital was the most productive of his life.  “Starry Night” is literally the view outside his hospital room window.  So even if you wanna buy into the “People are only as valuable as what they produce” mentality then getting Vinny on some Prozac is a win/win.

As a Karen who isn’t neurotypical i’m laughing my ass off

April 27 2017

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Part of me is very fascinated with the idea of mmo rping that’s this complex/multi-layered and the other part of me is concerned that this person dedicated the time to do something this Fucked Up

But I want to know how the others reacted. And if this person had a good in-character motive for this.

ok i’m just going to ask

I got a response.

Oh my god it gets worse

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Это мой диван, все поняли?!

[Google translation of caption to “This is my sofa, everyone understood ?!”]

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5 Years Later


I just got a new laptop and it doesn’t have AdBlocker yet and I swear to god I’ve never seen an ad on tumblr because I just watched a 3 minute video about Cruise Holidays because I thought it was an elaborate shitpost

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