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February 03 2018



‘cannibalize the rich’ is a legitimate political platform

i know this was a post advocating cannibalism but merlin’s beard i just witnessed a murder

February 02 2018

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i think about this every time i use tinder

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if catholicism/christianity is fake… mary really was in that for the long haul. she pulled the longest con in existence & even got her kid in on it

mary’s friend gabriel who knocked her up: you told joseph i was a what now?

mary, taking a sip of her coffee: an angel, gabe. try to keep up.

mary, about to invent the miracle of christ: oh, haven’t you heard?

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this reactionary running for congress is literally tweeting lists of jewish enemies what the fuck!!

lmao i’m so fucking done at this point like if you consider yourself a conservative in any way shape or form im gonna immediately think of you as an antisemite i’m not taking any more chances in this bitch of a reality

Hey btw this is not the most antisemitic part of that thread.

Post #1 in that thread is this:

Yes. This congressional candidate is tweeting explicit nazi propaganda tied to Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right. Then he made a list of his Jewish enemies.

Why on earth would so many Jewish people criticize him… I wonder??? /s

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👑 Queen Titania’s Crown 👑
For this weekend’s upcoming photoshoot for @faeriemagazine. I repurposed an eBay metal crown with pearls, crystals, and faux flowers!
#fairy #fireflypath #faerie #queen #crown #fantasy #midsummernightsdream #headdress #faeriemagazine #flowerchild


vengaboys haiku

We like to party.

We like, we like to party.

We like to party.

February 01 2018

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I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations | Victoria Herrmann




As an Arctic researcher, I’m used to gaps in data. Just over 1% of US Arctic waters have been surveyed to modern standards. In truth, some of the maps we use today haven’t been updated since the second world war. Navigating uncharted waters can prove difficult, but it comes with the territory of working in such a remote part of the world.

Over the past two months though, I’ve been navigating a different type of uncharted territory: the deleting of what little data we have by the Trump administration.

At first, the distress flare of lost data came as a surge of defunct links on 21 January. The US National Strategy for the Arctic, the Implementation Plan for the Strategy, and the report on our progress all gone within a matter of minutes. As I watched more and more links turned red, I frantically combed the internet for archived versions of our country’s most important polar policies.

I had no idea then that this disappearing act had just begun.

Since January, the surge has transformed into a slow, incessant march of deleting datasets, webpages and policies about the Arctic. I now come to expect a weekly email request to replace invalid citations, hoping that someone had the foresight to download statistics about Arctic permafrost thaw or renewable energy in advance of the purge.

Continue Reading.

You know how people always lament the burning of the library of Alexandria? All that lost knowledge? How much greater civilization could’ve been if such knowledge hadn’t been destroyed?

We gonna keep letting that happen? 👀👀👀

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A faerie introduces himself. Then, holding out a hand, asks, “And your name, please?”

And, like a fool, you give it to him.

I got asked for clarification on this (but can’t reblog that particular post cuz on mobile), which I’m more than happy to provide.

In this post, a faerie is asking for ‘your’ name. The way he is wording it, however, and the accompanying beckoning motion, makes it seem as though he is asking for you to physically hand your name over. Which, because of how some faeries operate, he is.

In this instance, saying your name aloud to the fae would be literally giving your name over to him, the exact consequences of which are left up to the imagination–usually, a fae even knowing your name gives it some measure of power over you, but giving something your name would likely let it completely take over your life.

In this instance, the wording you want to use is something like “I will not give you my name, but I will tell you that it’s [name].” Alternately, you can just lie to him.

Might i suggest the less direct yet still name-preserving “you may call me…”? It dodges the request while still giving an answer of a name, which does not even have to be yours, but any name you feel like telling the fae they can use to refer to you. I would recommend “Ainsel”.

Glad Tumblr is still dispensing useful real-life tips





Last night my little sister (5th grade) was making an e-mail account

She saw gender and went to click female when she noticed the “other” choice

She looked at me confused and I started to explain that some people don’t think they fit in with strictly male or female

“Oh! You mean like transgender and stuff like that. I was freaked out for a second- I thought they meant robots.”

Yet another example the kids are more open-minded than adults

the three genders: male, female, robot

Seriously. Kids don’t have the bigotries adults do until adults teach them. It’s incredibly easy to explain being, say, trans to a kid. They get it and move on.

This! Like the other day some kids were on the bus and making a lot of remarks about how stupid it was the buttons are so low by the front of the bus and laughing about how dumb the person who designed it was since it should be higher up. I was sitting with my cane in the priority seats and just said “it’s for people in wheelchairs who can’t reach the other buttons” and there was a pause and just “oh that makes sense!” And they just went on with their day and stopped mocking it now they knew it was like that to help people. Like you can be straightforward with kids, explain something simply and they are just “ok makes sense” and accept it. I mean some are bigoted if they come from a family who is but they are much more open minded for sure

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the best part is a whole bunch of artists took him up on it so there’s just an entire thread of Grunkle Stan face-punching nazis and it’s beautiful



the most fucked up thing about married straight couples in paranormal reality shows is that the husband is almost always the skeptic and the wife will be like terrified to exist in her own home and she’ll beg her husband to believe her and she’ll be crying every night and he’ll straight up look at the camera and be like “I don’t know I guess I just thought she was imagining things.”

like this is beyond belief in ghosts what it comes down to is one member of these couples was so distressed they were in tears nightly or at least weekly, BEGGING their partner to listen to them, and their partner was like “whatever this’ll blow over.”

how does your relationship survive that?? how are these people still together?? if my wife came into the room crying and told me she’d seen bill watterson, author of acclaimed comic calvin and hobbes, manifest in our kitchen and tell her he didn’t like our wallpaper, I’d like. obviously have some questions. but I’d fucking address her distress and take steps to make her feel better lmao???

these husbands are all garbage and they feel justified bc they weren’t the “crazy one” who believed in ghosts.

they were the good, logical, “sane” spouse who did rational and good things like, completely and purposefully ignore their partners’ growing and life-altering distress for months.

I know this seems like such a niche topic to get into but I grew up in an old town where everyone has one or two ghost stories, and it’s almost always wives telling them while their husbands chuckle and shake their heads throughout the entire story.

It doesn’t matter whether they believe in ghosts or not. What it is is one adult recounting experiences they not only firmly believe to have happened one way, but which have profoundly affected their lives, and the other adult literally publicly laughing at them “hahaha, women and their imaginations, you know?”

Both possibilities shock me but don’t really come as a surprise: the husband literally thinks his wife is such a child that she “imagined” these experiences like a backyard game for elementary schoolers, or the husband believes his wife apparently idk?? hallucinated but it’s not a big deal and we don’t need to have a discussion about her health and whether she feels safe and happy in her home because again. silly women and their apparent hallucinations you know???



Marilyn Monroe’s The Girl from The Seven Year Itch, possibly one of cinema’s first on-screen monster-fangirls

Guillermo del Toro: “Uh huh, uh huh….”




cartoon network’s internship application page is insane. there are so many bright neon colors and princess bubblegum is asking me if i’m a grad student

I interviewed for a position once and every time they flipped through my portfolio they made a Johnny Test whip crack noise

steven universe denied me health care benefits

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It’s really depressing how Labor Day has gone from “give laborers a day off” to “give white collar office workers and executives a day off but make retail laborers work so that executives can get a latte on their day off”

Nobody is making anyone work. If you don’t want to work on that day, don’t.

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so uh. i don’t like doing this and im probably going to get people yelling at me for it but. yall who follow me probably know but i have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and even though i’m on medication for both of those, i’m still in a not-insignificant amount of pain. i have a prescription for an opioid pain medication but that doesn’t help (as i’ve built up a tolerance for it over the last few years). i don’t want to begin using opiates at 23 years old for obvious reasons, but that leaves me with few other options for pain relief. and this isn’t just about pain relief – my pain levels significantly impact my sleep quality, which means i’m often fatigued even first thing in the morning and have little energy to go about my day (and prescription sleep medications have so far not helped enough to be worth their side effects). i can do little before feeling worn out, or before i’m in pain, which obviously impacts every part of my life. i hate that i’m 23 and spend half the day in bed because i’m too tired or in too much pain to do anything.

anyway, the point is. i have very few avenues for pain relief when you take out opiates, but thankfully i live in massachusetts, a state that legalized mmj several years ago, and i live in a city where i could have access to such care. i know from experience that this helps my pain and sleep problems. the problem, though, is that getting an mmj card in the first place is prohibitively expensive for me; i could budget the product itself, but i currently simply cannot afford the $290 in appointment cost and fees. it’s something i’ve been looking into for over a year now, and at no point have i been able to afford those fees.

any help would be really greatly appreciated. my paypal is here. if you can’t donate, please reblog this post if you can. thank you so so much.

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if you recognize these images you die instantly

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